Word styles not applied correctly for some users

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Hi all !

I created some styles for a document used by several people. Among these styles, there is a "highlight" style created to be applied only on words and not paragraphs. For some users, it applies the style to the whole paragraph and not only the words ! But for others (the majority) it works just fine ! Can you help me to solve this issue ? 

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You may have created a "Linked" style rather than a character style.

Character Style v Paragraph Style v Linked Style


If a user has linked styles disabled (as many experienced users do) it will act as a paragraph style. Try recreating it simply as a character style.


If that is not the situation, consider posting a link here to a document that has the style and letting us know the name of the style.

Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it.

Thanks for your answer !
I found out that in the styles column, there is a case to uncheck so that the created style acts correctly, I have added this information in the "user manual" linked to our model of document as a good practice !