Word Reformatting on a Copy and Paste.

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I have tried to reformat a document by copying and pasting it into a New doc. It pastes fine but doesn't hold the reformat. I have pasted using Text only. I have gotten rid of all formatting prior to and after pasting and then tried to reformat.


All I'm doing is reformatting the first line of my paragraph. The difficult thing to understand is that it works for 80% of the doc. I contacted Microsoft and they had no answer. Does anybody know the issue?

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Could you give more detail about what you mean when you say it does not hold formatting?


Could you perhaps save a pared-down copy that has the problem on OneDrive and posting a link here.

Why a sample file is important for troubleshooting - - - - - - - and how to do it.


I recommend using Styles for the formatting.

Importance of Styles in Word

Thanks Charles, but got it taken care of.