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Hi Guys, I hope some of you could help 'cos I fell like dying right now.

Basically I was working on my Ph.D. Thesis. I have been working on it for two weeks more or less... the file was saved as "Thesis last version" in my document folder. I don't know what happened, probably last time Word crashed, or I opened the file form another directory or something... anyway, I kept working on that file without never closing word for about three weeks (but kept saving it). Anyway what I have noticed yesterday was that the name of the file (which is shown at the top of word) changed to a bunch of letter and numbers... anyway, I didn't care much and kept saving the file... since I had to update my mac, yesterday I had to restart the computer and word was closed. Since then, I am completely unable to locate the file I was working on. I have a "thesis last version" file in my document folders, but it is not the most recent one (actually is very old), and it appears to have lost all the three weeks of work. No file in word temproary file folder; no file in word autosave directory; the file doesn't show in word recent documents; the file is not in ICloud... the file doesn't even seem to show up in Disk Drill. Other weird thing: My Mac says that the "thesis last version" file, despite being the old version, has been created today... it seems like somehow the old file was regenerated today and overwrote the new file... what the hell just happened?

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