Merge bibliography from two different word files

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Hello, like the title says, im trying to merge two different bibliographies from two different word files.

Worth mentioning that I do not have endnote and cant really afford it right now. Is there any way to do this? I have a lot of references, doing it manually would take forever

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Hello @mieleko ,

yes, you can import bibliographies. Not sure where the original file is from, so I include reference to that here to:

1. refer to this article to import the bibliography.

Transfering citations from one document to another - Microsoft Community

2. Add the new citations to your current document referring to this article

How to add a bibliography to a Word document - TechRepublic


Hope this helps.



If you are trying to transfer bibliographies between two documents on the same computer, I believe you will have to copy the sources to the master list for your installation. Use the Source Manager dialog box, which offers commands for copying sources to the master list. See screen shot.



@Lenka_Kerumova @Stefan_Blom, Thank you for your responses. However, I found a way to do it, which seems quite easy as well. Just needed to copy the bibliography automatically created by word from document 1and then paste it onto document 2, which already had its own and different bibliography and after that just needed to update it and word seemed to merge the two.



Thanks for the follow-up. I'm glad you got it sorted.


Just to be clear: The bibliographies continue to work even after you update them in the target document? 

I would assume so, although I haven't really tested it, since it took something like an hour to update the document and merge the bibliographies after I pasted them all in the same document. At least they all show up, from what it appears, in the source manager.

@mieleko  Hi, i have the same problem with some of the author names are missing in the insert citation dropdown list. May I know how do you copy document1 to another? Do you mean copy the sources.xml?

Appreciate your help