Word 2019 - Page Numbering

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Here’s hoping that someone can help. I am trying to number pages in my book starting at a page other than page 1 or the cover page. I have tried at least six different sites with no success. I finally found one labeled: How to start Numbering from the third page in the book. This the closest I have gotten to seeing forward movement with my request.

I am describing the steps shown by this site:

  • First, put your cursor before the first character in the second page. Click Layout – Breaks and Choose Next Page.
  • Repeat this process. Put the cursor before the first character in the third page. Select Next Page in Section Breaks, then Click Insert – Page Number – Format Page Numbers.
  • Set the Page numbering as Start at 1, Click OK
  • Double click the header or footer of the third page. Click Link to Previous in Design to disable it.
  • Then Click Insert – Page Number to choose pattern as to where tom place your page number
  • Now it has been applied to your document. Just Delete the Page numbers of the first two pages.

I have tied these specific directions more than once and still cannot get numbering to start on page 3. Any help would be appreciated.


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If you want the numbering to start on the third page, it is NOT necessary to insert a Section Break between the first and the second pages (your first bullet point). Rather, you need a Section Break between the Second and the Third pages. If you then follow the third bullet point - Click the Link to Previous BEFORE you insert the page numbering in the Second Section of the document, it will not then be necessary to perform the last bullet point - Delete the page numbers of the first two pages.