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I had a list in excell that I sorted then I copied it to word and then added a couple more pages of words to my list. I moved my list to Word because I thought it may be easier for me. Anyway I can't get the sort function to perform now that my list is in word. Could it be anything to do with my transfer of my list from excel to word that is causing my problem? 

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Hey @brianfton,


I replicated a couple scenarios of what you may have done to find a solution. If you used the default paste option when pasting your Excel list (keep source formatting), that could be part of your problem since you'd have the Excel portion in a table and the added words as paragraph text. What I'd recommend doing is select your entire list, cut or copy, then paste as text (under paste options, it's the icon with the clipboard and A or select paste special and select unformatted text). This will remove any formatting from Excel that may be interfering with your sorting.


If your added text got included in the table and you're selecting all then using sort and your default sorting option is paragraphs, try instead highlighting the table, clicking on sort and select column 1 as the sort by option. I'd still recommend cutting and pasting the list as text to remove the Excel table formatting.


A third option would be to copy your entire list, paste it into Excel (I recommend using the "Match destination formatting" option), and just sorting in Excel.


I hope one of these solutions solves this for you!

@sally365 thank you very much for these suggestions, I will try them  and let you know how it goes. Really appreciate yr help. Brian