Red lines and spellcheck

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Hello.  When I spellcheck a document in Word, the red squiggly line has started appearing, even though none of the spelling-related options are chosen.  Any ideas?  Thank you.




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If you run a manual spellcheck, for example by pressing the F7 key (or Fn+F7 on some keyboards), Word will underline suspected spelling errors that it finds. As far as I know, this is by design. 


Or are you saying that you see spelling errors being marked even if you don't run spellcheck? In that case, see if some of the spelling / text suggestion options provided by Windows are selected (in Windows Settings).

Thank you, Stefan. I am speaking of the first situation, doing a manual spellcheck. Until this week, the red squiggly line would not appear for misspelled words.

Under Review>Language>Set Proofing Language you may have a check mark in the box for "Do not check spelling or grammar".
Hi Doug - Thanks for your suggestion. That box is unchecked.



I am not aware of a recent change in this behavior, but I may have missed it, because I usually run spellchecking during typing.

Thanks, Stefan. This is one of a few weird things that have happened on Outlook/Word recently.