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Could someone please help me with instructions or a link for printing to a file?  I can't seem to find anything online.



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Hi @EvM-B 

What kinf of file do you want to have as a result?

In DOS times we could print to a printer-specific file.

Lately, print to a file is referred to when talking about producing a PDF file.

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@Hans Le Roy 

Hi Hans,

Ideally a printing to a Word file.

I'm trying to understand the process and also the purpose of print to file.  This is the reason I'm searching for information on this.

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Hi @EvM-B 

I think this a pretty nice explanation:

What is "Print To File" Used For? - Ask Leo!

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Hi@EvM-B ,

Print to a Word file? Hm - so you hace a *Word* file and want to print it to a *Word* file? Please explain, I don't understand.

Unless you mean: insert an external file into a Word file. But then again, please explain, I don't understand.



Thank you Hans.  I really appreciate your help.  This link looks great.