In MS Word for Mac, when photo inserted into text box using shadow effect, photo skews left or right

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I am publishing a family history, family tree, photo album, and cookbook.  It is 400 pages. I want the photos to look like they are pasted into a family album, so the shadow effect (under the "Shape Format" button) is perfect. However, even though in Print View on my screen everything looks perfect, when I click print, in print view and when printed, the photos all skew wildly to the right (when a shadow is applied to the right) and skewed to the left (when the shadow is applied to the left), and skewed to right again when I choose to shadow all the way around. I am in Word 16.78.3 on Mac OS Monterey Version 12.7.1.  Tech support at MS spent 1.5 hours with me, first had me delete the plist (didn't work); then sent me a reinstall of Word (same version didn't work); and we tried some other things. No luck. 

The file is not corrupted. I opened two brand-new Word documents, AFTER the reinstall, and still, the photos skew when I apply the shadowing effect.  I can just make the text boxes plain, but it doesn't achieve the photo-album effect I want. Also, I've observed that when I click on the text box the right "indent" (triangle) on the right never matches up with the white/gray margin line in the ruler bar above, whereas the left "indent" (triangle) is exactly on the white/gray right margin line.  No matter what I do, I cannot get the right indent triangle to match up with the right margin line. Could this be the problem? 

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