Page Layout

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Good afternoon from my home near Mount St. Helens. I have written a book and wish to print or have it printed with odd numbers on the facing page and even number on the back, double-sided printing. Over time, I laid out the first page with .75" margin left, 2.5" right, 1" top, and 3.3" Bottom. This gives me about 400 words/page at 12 font. I would like to be able set the back side of the facing page to be in the upper (right) corner so that when I print and use a stack-cutter the margins are the same. Somehow I have defined the first page with a certain (non-printable) area on the right. When I go to the back of that page and try to change the margins, sending that page o the upper right hand corner, it bumps into that non-printable area on the right and makes a long, skinny page. I need help moving that back page to align perfectly behind the front page. Please help and thank you. 

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