Changing page number coding in mid document

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I need some layout help with a WORD document.  My document consists of a main document and three appendices The Page numbering will be continuous, but I want to label the pages differently. EG.  In the main document the page numbers will be  - X – centered on the bottom of the page.  But I want the appendices to be identified separately as “Appendix A — [Page #] —” and “Appendix B — [Page #] —” and “Appendix C — [Page #] —. I know I need to separate the last page before each Appendix and the Appendix with some combination of “Page Break” and/or “Section Break (Continuous)” and/or “Section Break (Continuous)” and maybe something else, but I don’t know what. Help Please.  Alan W == email address removed for privacy reasons

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I will be back but am off to other things right now.


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