ONLINE word table numbering does not work

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When selecting table rows and pressing numbering it does nothing in ONLINE word. Is there any other way of numbering table columns, rows? Because there are hundreds of columns and numbering them one by one is quite time consuming.

Guuup_1-1651570086308.png                                 Guuup_2-1651570407902.png

Need to number it like that ,but it only works one row at the time. If I for example select 10 or 50, 1000 columns the numbering button does nothing. Need help :)



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If you start with a one row table and insert the required numbering, each time that a row is added, the numbers will increment.
But I already have a table with quite a lot of rows. And I need to edit that table by adding numbering to the it, which does not work in Online Word :(
There are many things that can be done in the desktop application that cannot be done in the Online version.