Misalignment of Avery Address Labels formatted and printed through Word.

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I use Word Mailings > Start Mail Merge > Labels to create address labels. I use an existing Excel file. When it prints, the first 8 rows are fine and then the 9th row cuts off the name. In other words, somehow the labels inch up to cause this problem. There must be some setting in Word that is not correct. 

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@Sue_Hawco1105 Make sure that in File>Print>Scale to Paper Size that "No Scaling" is selected.


If you print a page of labels onto ordinary paper how does the print line up with the label sheet?  It is aligns OK, the issue is probably with the "pinch" rollers of the printer.  You may be able to adjust the pressure of those rollers, or clean them so that they handle the label media more accurately.

Thanks very much for responding. I have checked that I am set for No Scaling. The printed sheet and the labels sheet print the same. I don't know anything about rollers. I guess I will need to look it up.