Mail Merge ignores print range and only prints entire document

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When trying to produce the output document from a mail merge, when the selected output is "Edit Individual documents", it is impossible to print only part of the result.  Even after saving and then re-opening this n-page long document, when you try to print it sends the entire document to the printer.  Options Print current page or Print Range do not seem to work.  


See this related post, which I put in the Office 365 forum, before I saw there was a Word only forum.  I am using office 365

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Hello @mwcorg_2342 ! Is it a current issue on your word mail merge? If so, pls. sent a screenshot about your source so that its more plain to advice on your case. Greets, Eva.

@mwcorg_2342If I understand it correctly, somehow mail merge produces a document with a lot of sections in one single page (although it seems the document has just a lot of pages). Therefore, you can try to define the range as follows: s1, s3, s5-s12. Just put a 's' in front of each number in the range and it works.


I have no clue what the concept is behind these kind of sections, so it would be nice if someone can explain that :).


As of December 2023 - I just had the same issue and verified that putting an "s" in front of the page number works.


For Example, if you want to print only pages 3 and 6, enter "s3, s6" (no quotes) in the "Custom Print" "Pages" area of the print dialog. 


This is with MSWord Version 2311  (the latest O365 version as of December 2023)  The problem is still there.  Thank you for your earlier notification on this solution.