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For the last half an hour I have been looking for a solution but cannot find it.


I am using Word on a Samsung with a Microsoft 365 subscription. 


I cannot access my clipboard (as shown in the screen). I can copy and paste the last item I copied in Word using the Copy, Paste & Cut options in the app, but the "Clipboard" icon is unavailable. I have tried to restart the app multiple times. 


It's very annoying.


Thanks for your help


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Is this the Android operating system? The Office clipboard may not be supported on mobile devices. For an overview, see

Can anyone actually answer this question?This has been a huge and incredibly frustrating issue for a very long time. It might be a device issue (I've experienced this on multiple Samsung Galaxy model phones) as far as what devices experience the issue, but it's nowhere near as simple as supported or not supported. For at least the past 2 years, when using the Android MS Word app with both an S22 Ultra & S10+, the clipboard is "grayed out" SOMETIMES, while other times it works as it should. I haven't been able to figure out what could possibly cause it. I did try asking MS support once while on the phone, but the fact that I don't remember what came of it tells me it wasn't helpful. If I could afford to do so I'd offer an award for a solution/explanation. I cannot, but would be eternally grateful.@MaelleD