Mail Merge Envelope Printing Issues

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I have a client who is having a printing issue with a mail merge document. The document consists of 2 pages, the first is a No. 10 envelope, and the second is a regular Letter-size sheet. When they go to Mailings -> Finish & Merge -> Print Documents, the first record (no matter what the specified range is) will print correctly, but on all subsequent records the envelope is printing upside down. The letter page retains the correct orientation for all the printed records.


I cannot figure out what is causing the envelope to do a 180 flip. The printer can be ruled out - This has been an ongoing issue that's persisted through several different printers. I've transferred the document to a different PC, which is using the exact same printer and print driver and had no issues. I've tried reinstalling the printer with several different drivers, and the issue remains on that one PC. 


I've confirmed that duplex printing is disabled. Made sure the correct paper/tray settings are selected in Page Setup. Tried multiple combinations of the envelope feed direction, and checked/unchecked the Rotate 180 degrees option, same result every time. At the moment, the fix has been to feed the top envelope in the opposite direction to the rest when loading a stack in the printer.. which is slightly bothersome.


Any tips appreciated! I feel like I'm missing a very obvious setting lol

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