Weird symbol apprearing in every file

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Word was working normally, when suddenly a strange symbol started to appear at the beggining of every line, moreover, always when I use the space bar, a point shows on the screen.


The symbols that appear are in the image.


It's strange because, this error doesn't appear on PDF. When I save a document  in .pdf the pdf shows a normally written text, wothout errors. And when I open the file in Ubuntu, there are no errors neither.

If I copy a text and paste it on the web browser, the text is perfect too.

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Hello @gui_romero,

I see no strange symbols in your snapshot. The dots are spaces, at the end of a paragraph is a paragraph mark. 

Can you please point exactly to the weird symbol?


If you do mean the dots for spaces and others, these are called non-printing characters and there are many, many more of them, like a right facing arrow for a tabulator, a broken left facing arrow for a line end, page breaks, etc. etc. etc. They improve orientation in documents.

You can switch these off by either pressing Ctrl+Shift+8, or clicking on the paragraph mark symbol (pilcrow) on the Home ribbon.

Pilcrow - Wikipedia




For "everything" on nonprinting marks in Word, see Suzanne S. Barnhill's excellent article at



Thanks very much Lenka, I pressed Ctrl + Shift + 8 and the non printing characters are gone!


The weird symbol I mentioned was actually the pilcrow.


Thanks a lot!