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Hi all,

I am working on a letter template for HR.  I have a list of appendices but not all of them will need to be included with every letter.  How do I select the ones I want and hide the ones I don't want and maintain nice paragraph formatting?  (A & B are standard, the rest depend on the person and the position)

  • Appendices:
  • Appendix A – Total Rewards Summary
  • Appendix B – Intellectual Property


  • Appendix C – Working from Home Agreement / Include a PDF copy of the Working from Home Self-Assessment 
  • Appendix D – Quick Guide to Domestic Relocation
  • Appendix E – Domestic Relocation Repayment Agreement
  • Appendix F – Signing Bonus Repayment Agreement
  • Appendix G – Quick Guide to Fly In Fly Out (FIFO)
  • Appendix H – Quick Guide to Drive In Drive Out (DIDO)
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See the following page of Graham Mayor's website




Do you want to maintain the original numbering of the Appendices, thus possibly leaving gaps in the numbering, or to you want the selected Appendices to be numbered sequentially?


If you want to maintain the numbering, for each of the Appendices you should run a macro containing the command:




If you want the numbering to be sequential, you will need to make sure that the same styles are used for the numbering in each Appendix document


You can create a dynamic letter template by including placeholders for each appendix and selecting only the applicable ones for each situation. This allows for easy customization while maintaining a professional format.