I can't use macros

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I have a problem with Word from Microsoft 365 on Windows 11. I have a Word file that uses Macros but Word blocks the macro for me because it thinks it's evil or something :( and I can't do my work with the macro. I've already tried to investigate to deactivate this 'security' lock and I did the steps but the Word keeps blocking the macro.


I attached a photo so you can understand! sorry for the language


If anyone knows how to fix it, I'd be delighted! :D



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See the following articles about a recent change to Office



Depending upon the purpose of the macros, the best solution may be to put them in a Macro Enabled Template (.dotm) that you save in the Word Startup folder so that it will be loaded as an Add-in.

@doug_Robbins Please helphello all, where can i grab practice files for MS Word Beginner, advanced and Expert Level by Dan McAllister as Tutor

@vinchama20gmailcom If you go to one of Dan McAllister's tutorials and click on the SHOW MORE



you will see a Bitly link for the Exercise Files