Hyphenation feature not available on Office 365 for MAC

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I'm encountering an annoying issue with the Word app on my Mac.

Whenever I open a document with hyphenation activated, I receive the following error message: "Word hyphenation feature is not available. Run the Microsoft Office Setup program, install this feature, and then try again."

Additionally, attempting to activate "Automatically hyphenate document" in a new document yields no results.

I've unchecked the "Don't hyphenate" option under paragraph options, tried reinstalling Word, attempted saving the document as a .doc instead of .docx, and reached out to Support, but they were unable to resolve the issue.

It's crucial for me to have this function working, as it affects the layout of documents created with it enabled.

I'm using Microsoft 365, Word Version 16.81 (24011420), on a MacBook Air M2 running MacOS Sonoma 14.2.1 (23C71).

Has anyone else encountered this problem on a Mac?

On Windows, everything works fine, and I've never had any issues with this function.

Thank you!

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Which language are you dealing with? Some languages may not have full proofing support, which could mean that hyphenation isn't included. 

The language is Romanian, which works just fine on a Windows PC.
Unfortunately, perhaps, Word for the Mac and Word for Windows are different programs with different resources and User Interface. The language packages may also be different.