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I may find a selection of templates for Microsoft Word.

I may find 'spell-checker/ word-corrector/ thesaurus on Microsoft Windows/ Word.


I am searching for a recommendation for a downloadable dictionary/ set of dictionaries with varying/different/multiple language on a Microsoft Word document.


If the dictionary/ dictionaries used in Microsoft Windows/ Word were kept on Microsoft Word form,

this would be of interest.

If available in different form (Excel) I would like to know of this too.


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@H_a__k_f__9__s_O Proofing Tools are available for the majority of languages via Firl>Options>Language




@Doug_Robbins_Word_MVP I am able to view this for preference.

What I would like to view is a the word lists and definitions without requirement to type a word/ words in Microsoft Word,


so less interested in the proof-read-tool

and more interested in all the words+definitions viewable on one Microsoft Word (Doc.)/ Microsoft Excel WorkBook before I've added any text.


Simply; I'm in search of the dictionary/dictionaries the Microsoft Word team have used in development of their proof-read tool.