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Every so often I find that text I have just typed disappears. I can get it back by "undo" but there must be a key combination that I am pressing accidentally to cause this. What key combination deletes text to end of file? This is in Office 365.

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@John Sampson 


Pressing Ctrl+Shift+End will select the text from the current insertion point to the end of the document (I don't know how likely it is that someone presses these keys by mistake, though), and typing will then delete the selection.


When you Undo the deletion, click the arrow at the Undo button. Which commands are listed there? It should provide some indication of what is going on... 

Many thanks. Can you clarify, "arrow at the undo button"? I haven't been able to find a list of commands.

@John Sampson 


Look in the Undo group on the Home tab.


If you are not seeing the arrow, you may have to switch from Touch Mode to Mouse Mode (you can add the Touch/Mouse Mode icon to the Quick Access Toolbar).




@John Sampson 

With a touchpad it is relatively easy to select a bunch of text while typing and not even notice. When you type, then, everything selected is replaced by whatever you type.


Undo is your friend. The shortcut is Ctrl+Z.


The little triangle/arrow to the right of the Undo circle in the QAT gives access to a list of recent actions letting you see what was done and letting you back out.



Yes - it says "Typing". What interests me is *what* was I typing, as opposed to what I meant to type. I know about "undo" which I use if I become aware that text has vanished. My problem is reviewing text I typed some time ago and finding that some of what I typed isn't there. There must be a key combination that deletes text but I haven't been able to identify one that does what what I find has been done. Part of the issue is that I am using a Matias keyboard that has a control key next to the "N" key, easily struck by accident when touch typing.