How to stop comments being deleted when anchored text is deleted?

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My team is collaborating on Word documents that are then reviewed by a client - many people are touching the doc in this process. The client leaves comments on sections to change. When the text associated with the comment is updated or deleted, the comment is also deleted. However, we need to preserve the original comments to ensure the changes are adequate and meet the client's requirements. So, our current process to avoid losing these comments involves copying the current document with a new version number and then making the changes outlined in the comments in this new document. This has to happen each time it is reviewed by another stakeholder. It is such a tedious task and open to all sorts of mistakes!


Is there a way to preserve all comments, regardless if the anchored text is deleted/changed?


I've only recently started working in the MS Office environment - Google Docs keeps a record of all comments (unless specifically deleted), and I'm very surprised that Office doesn't appear to offer this feature.

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