Deleted file

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I can see a file in my recents but it says it’s deleted. Is there any way of recovering it through word?

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You can make use of your file manager to search for the file. If you are running Windows, start the search in File Explorer. 


If the document was saved to OneDrive, use the search function in OneDrive ( 

@Stefan_Blom Thanks, the file has definitely been deleted so it's not there. I've emptied the trash since then. I've downloaded Disk Drill but can't find it on there either. It's just frustrating that I can see it on the recent word documents!



The list of recent files won't be cleared automatically, unfortunately. 


I guess the document was saved locally? In that case, restoring the document will require third-party file recovery software, I suspect.

Yeah, that's what Disk Drill is isn't it? It was saved in downloads but my downloads is within my dropbox - not on my hardware. I didn't even delete it though, I uninstalled Dropbox that day because it wasn't letting me open offline files and everything from that day has disappeared. I've looked in the deleted files on dropbox online and it's not there either. It might be on Disk Drill but it's too complicated to locate!