Will Future Security Patches from Microsoft contain any more Feeds?

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I Administer as small SCCM environment with approx. 2500 users, MS last Security Patch (KB5003171) contained a Weather/news feed, causing us to halt our security patches and create a GPO to disable.  This created more workflow and time to disable the feed in order to circumvent the feed, does Microsoft have future plans on putting Feeds into their Security patches?

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This was noted in the April Patch Tuesday patch notes, that this feature would be deployed via updates. https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/topic/april-22-2021-kb5001396-os-build-18363-1533-preview-e67788...
It's possible that as features are developed for one version of Windows and installed as a Feature Updates in that version, that they'll be made available to earlier versions as well via the CU. I can't say that that will definitely happen, but it's possible. In any event, when that happens we'll note it in the patch notes, like we did for News & Interests.