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Is there going to be a new LTSB release to go with Windows 10, b1703?  And if so, is there an estimated release date for it?  We need to reimage some computer labs over the summer, but we need to build the new images first. If there is going to be a LTSB 2017 then we rather wait for it instead of using the 2016 release. Whatever we choose will lock us in till next summer.

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the next LTSB release is expected for 2019. Windows 10 Enterprise LTSB 2016 is the current LTSB release.
So, if we are just now developing our LTSB deployment, we can't take advantage of any of the deployment improvements made with Win 10 1703?
I didn't think that was the point of LTSB. If you wanted the improvements, you don't purchase LTSB.

I think we just got lucky that there was a 2015, then a 2016.