Added reboots?

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The biggest complaint I've seen about the new Win10 Creators Update servicing pace involves additional reboots - by moving from (nominally) one cumulative update per month to two or more, admins are afraid their machines are going to reboot over and over again.


Do you expect that'll be the case?

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The desire is to minimize reboots, targeting one per month for Patch Tuesday, where getting the new security updates in place is more important.


With the additional non-security update that we are doing for Windows 10 1703, between Patch Tuesdays, we won't force a reboot.  That can happen at any point.

When can we expect to be able to have the reboots happen without hardware checks at restart?  Isn't that on the roadmap?

Michael, if you skip the Security CU and then deploy one of the later CUs would it still force a reboot?  And does that mean that only updates that wouldnt require an update will be released as part of the mid-month CUs?