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Will Hyper-V role disappear in Windows Server Standard after Server 2022?

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Attending a training of our server vendor last week I heard there, that Server 2022 will be the last Windows Server with the Hyper-V Role built in.
This means, it will not be possible to install the Hyper-V Role in the Windows Server 2022 Standard successor, they said.


We have a lot of SMB Customers, running 2 ... 6 VMs on fully licensed Windows Server Standard (2012R2-2016-2019-coming 2022), many of them replicating to a second server.

If this is true, this will force our SMB customers into AzureStack HCI (one or two nodes) with the very expensive ASHCI licensing model.


Does anyone know, if it is really true, that the Hyper-V Role will fade out of Windows Server Standard in the version after 2022?

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That is the first I am hearing of it... here is another thread that might answer your question.


Yes, this should answer my question...
I'm relieved to hear that -

Although: "hyper-v role on Server 2022 Standard or DataCenter lives on" - but for the Server version after 2022 we can only assume this, maybe because improvements to hyper-v were made in Server 2022.


@RichardP63 That is a completely FALSE statement.  The Hyper-V role is included in Windows Server and we have no plans to change that.


Please DM me exactly who is spreading this misinformation, I have seen multiple customers say this... so this trainer is going around broadly spreading false information and needs to stop.


Thank you,

Elden Christensen

Principal PM Manager

Windows Server Product Team

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