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Hello all,


Can someone point me in the right direction? I'm trying to make my server sleep at night and wake in the morning (simply for sheer cost of electricity). I can easily get it to do this at specific times but i want it to only do it only when idle between 12 and 7 under away mode.


In the past I've turned the caffiene app (presses a key every second) on and off at required times and had sleep on permenantly. It was messy but kind of worked.


Isn't there a way/script (BAT or powershell, i know both at an amuture level) so i can turn sleep on at 12 and then off at 7 after the server has resumed from sleep using away mode? This way it also stays awake for Plex streaming.


Many thanks in advance. This forum was a goldmine to fine.

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if its physical server you can check available settings on IDRAC or ILO, you can use SNMP based commands from a remote machine if there is no option for scheduling start and stop.



Many thanks for the reply. I'm using windows server 2022 on standard home hardware. I assume the systems you mentioned above aren't compatible. (I don't understand what they are even after a little googling)

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Figured it out through other peoples posts.
thought id post to help others. Embarrisingly its very simple. BAT file with the following 4 commands:

Powercfg /Change monitor-timeout-ac 0
Powercfg /Change monitor-timeout-dc 0
Powercfg /Change standby-timeout-ac 0
Powercfg /Change standby-timeout-dc 0

change zero to a number for minutes to turn it on
0 is off