No deduplication on Hyper-V 2019 Core?

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I'm previewing the 17744 version and to my disappointment I see no deduplication feature to activate in the Hyper-V Core.

Is this something to come in Hyper-V Core or must we use a full Standard/Datacenter 2019 version? would be very nice to have for VM storage.



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Thank you for your question. Microsoft Hyper-V Server is a focused enterprise class hypervisor. It does not include software defined networking or software defined storage. If you would like the software defined storage capabilities like deduplication, Remote direct memory access, storage spaces direct, then you should use Windows Server 2019 data center edition which includes all of these capabilities and so much more.


Jeff Woolsey

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Hi Jeff,

Thanks for your reaction. I was only curious if deduplication, not all software defined capabilities, at one time is part of the free Hyper-V version. I think this deduplication feature should be a standard feature in all Windows OS's. It will save a lot of disk space on all kind of devices (support the green approche by using less disks = less energy).


Well, maybe in the future... for now I will sacrifice a server license ;)





@Paul van Drunick

Agree. This is a huge miss for Microsoft.  Data-DeDuplication missing from 2019 Hyper-V Server really lowers the value of the product.  I just set it up on my new Server Hardware and installed 2019 Hyper-V Server to set up a ConfigMgr lab on, and then just to find out DeDuplication isn't available... really big bummer.

@gwblok @Jeff Woolsey 

Disk dedup should be included. Proxmox seems to be able to so it makes Hyper-V less capable than the competition.
It also makes it more expensive to operate since I now can't have as many VM:s on the same storage volume and having to pay for enterprise to virtualize linux VM:s? Well that doesn't quite compute either