0x803f7001 after upgrading windows home to pro

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Hi i would like to know if someone can help me to fix error 0x803f7001 i initially use windows home which is built by manufacturer i dont have the product of the home.


As i purchase windows Pro in Microsoft Store. after installing my windows is not activated and encountered 0x803f7001 error.



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I would suggest as much of a pain as it is, to first backup all important data and any installers for any purchased programs first, then download to an ISO or USB drive the latest windows 10 build. Then do a clean install of Windows 10 but instead of providing a product key, choose I don't have one, then next, select the appropriate Windows 10 Professional build when it asks you to choose (unless you are in the UK or China plain old Windows 10 Professional is the correct one to choose).  Be sure to sign in with the same Microsoft account that you purchased Windows 10 Pro from the Microsoft store.  It should pull the product key automatically, and activate itself.  It should say Windows is activated with a digital license that is linked to your Microsoft account. when you check the activation tab.

@OLDMAN2018after doing what you suggested. im now facing different error 0xC004C003.


is there a solution on the error.



@gaeldue You might have better luck posting this question in the Windows 10 community. In the meantime, please refer to https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/10738/windows-10-get-help-with-activation-errors and see if anything there helps.