SSL certificate private key missing, on recovery process smart card pop up appear

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I can add an SSL certificate to IIS server certificates, but when we try to binding SSL certificate to our app it's not listing there, then checked IIS server certificates again, the added certificate not found there, finally realized that issue was due to missing of the private key, then I tried to recover that by executing following command
certutil -repairstore my <Serial_number>

but getting smart card pop up, then updated group policy of smart card (disabled smart card), after that checked again, pop up still shows

Windows Server 2019 data center 64 bit


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what kind of certificate are you trying to bind? is it a self-signed certificate or a certificate from a public certification authority? If it is a public certification authority, the private key is on the system on which you created the CSR. on this system the command you described above should succeed. If you already have a certificate with a private key and have only extended it, you can use tools such as KeyStore Explorer extract this private key and bind it to the new certificate ... best regards Marcel

@Marcel_Palme when I executing the command getting a smart card pop up. that's my issue