Server 2019 Hyper-V VM using GPU

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I asked one of my co-workers to assign the Graphics card to a couple or VMs like we do in Server 2016.  he said is seems that 2019 will only allow you to assign the graphics card to a single VM.  I tried looking at some of the new Server 2019 books but they don't even cover the new feature?


Any online documentation on  assigning a GPU to a VM like Remote-FX?

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You can also use RemoteFX vGPU feature on Windows Server 2019. Although the config UI of RemoteFX vGPU has been removed from Hyper-V Manager of Windows Server 2019, you can configure RemoteFX vGPU by using Powershell on Windows Server 2019.

1) Check your Host GPU (You need RemoteFX Compatible GPU Card and Remote Desktop Virtualization Host role)
CompatibleForVirtualization: True
Enabled: True

2) Enable/Disable Host GPU for RemoteFX vGPU

3) Add RemoteFX vGPU to your VM:
Add-VMRemoteFx3dVideoAdapter -VMName <vmname>

4) Open VM Settings dialogbox, you can configure RemoteFX vGPU.

5) Start VM
It's recommended install GPU drivers into VM for best performance the RemoteFX.

@かずお 山内 I'm not OP but thank you for your straight and easy answer, thanks to you I was able to setup RemoteFX on a VM I'm testing using Hyper-V and video performance improved a lot, so thanks once again

I guess this doesn't work at all anymore