Problem downloading windows server 2019 standard: invalid key

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I’m trying to upgrade a windows server 2016 to windows server 2019. To do this I tried to download the iso from here:


 However when I try to verify my key a message stating the key is invalid comes up. The key is valid though. Does anyone have any idea why the key wouldn’t be recognised and what I can do to resolve the issue?

Thanks in advance 

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You cannot use insider or evaluation media to perform an in-place upgrade of rtm windows. You'll either need licensed installation media or perform a clean install.





@Dave Patrick Thank you for your response. Unfortunately I think it doesn’t address the issue I am having. I’m trying to download the installation media from the website and my key gets denied there. Therefor my issue occurs before I ever interact with my current windows 2016 server installation.
The question is if anyone has an idea why a valid key would be denied at the point where I try to download the installation media from the official website.

Where are you downloading from? volume center?



As stated in my first post I’m trying to verify the key on this page to get the option to download:

That doesn't answer. Is this a vloume center download? Where did you purchase the product key?



I really don’t understand what you mean… This is the site that comes up when you search for the windows server 2019 download. According to the side you can enter your license key and download the installation media. The keys have been purchased by a distributor who resold them.
Keys have been used successfully to convert evaluation Versions into standard versions. Therefor the keys seem to be valid.

I'd ask the reseller to provide the installation media. Reseller's are bound under contract with microsoft to support the products they sell. The other option is to do a clean install using the evaluation here.

Windows Server 2019 | Microsoft Evaluation Center




I’m aware of the clean install option I was just hoping to avoid that.
And since I found that page where it looks like Microsoft makes the media available for download I was hoping someone could provide further information on that option.

A wild guess is your product key channel does not align with the site channel.