Preparations for installing the operating system on several computers

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Preparations for installing the operating system on several computers at the same time since
Windows server 2019.
procedures please

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Hi @sj093


Yes, you can do this via Windows Deployment Services or SCCM / MECM.



via WDS





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I do little research everywhere on the net, I let myself be convinced by WDS. But can you Can you tell me more about the second option?


Hi @sj093,


Is there SCCM / MECM in your environment?


Operating System Deployment processes via SCCM / MECM are detailed in these two articles.




Hi @sj093,


If you have an enterprise agreement or System Center license, you can install SCCM / MECM. Otherwise WDS is the only option for OS Deployment. 

is the use of an AD DS role necessary?

In the case of WSD


Hi @sj093,


No, it isn't necessary. If you install WDS with Standalone mode, there is no dependency on Active Directory.

what is ADK and MDT installation
but would i need a dns and dhcp server?
or I can do it without


Hi @sj093,


The Windows Assessment and Deployment Kit (Windows ADK) has the tools you need to customize Windows images for large-scale deployment. You can deploy OS unattented.


You can build your reference image using MDT. Then once the reference image is fully configured you can capture that reference image with MDT. The reference image may included windows updates, device drivers etc. or you can create task sequence for OS deployment.


Hi @sj093,


Yes, you need DNS and DHCP server for WDS. 


WDS RequirementsWDS Requirements

Hi @hasanemresatilmis so after this link proposed by @farismalaeb I do not see how to configure a dns server and for the dhcp I can use a router who dchp on my network right?
if i use AD DS, could WINS be used as DNS?


Hi @sj093,


WINS is an old technology. It was developed by Microsoft for Windows NT.


WINS is used to translate NETBIOS names to IP addresses. DNS is used to translate TCP / IP host names to IP addresses.


DNS is currently used frequently on the internet and local networks. Microsoft started to use DNS after Windows NT (Windows 2000 and later).


If you use AD DS, You will already have a DNS Server in your environment.


I will go through the integrate mode (no standalone mode) using the AD DS DNS DHCP ect ...


Hi  @sj093,


This is another way too. The decision is yours :)