Printer drivers for Windows Server 2019

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I am trying to install HP printer drivers on Windows Server 2019 (2 different office jet models), but they all say that they are not compatible with this Windows version (the setup is detecting Windows 10 64-bit as the OS).

Any idea? Does it mean I can't use these printers with Windows 2019?  


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@fbalassiano Hi, can you hand out the printer details?

Normally the drivers are compatible with for instance server 2016 64 bit.


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Hi Rick,

Sure. For example: HP Officejet 3830.

I am attaching a screen shot , so you can see the error message I receive when I try to install the driver from the HP website.



Thanks! But none of my printers are listed as "applicable" in the article.

Do you think that it worth a try?


Do you know if there is any "generic" driver that can be installed? I tried an "universal" driver from HP, and also the "easy print" one, but no success.




Let me add something interesting. In fact, I am trying to print through RDP redirection.

I connect to the server and then I try to print on my local printer. 

If I use my Mac (Microsoft RDP), it works perfectly. The Windows 2019 server recognizes the redirection and shows my local printer in the control panel. And I can print without any issues.

If I use my Windows laptop (RDP), the Windows server doesn't recognize the redirection.

By saying that, I take 2 conclusions:

1. I don't really need to install the printer driver in the Window 2019 server.

2. The problem is with the RDP Windows client.


Any idea?

Sorry if I am going in a different path from the original post.