DiagTrack service extended log

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Hi all.

Sometimes on my server, the CPU load on my server goes up to 100% and stays there for long periods of time due to the DiagTrack service.
I could not find any entries related to this service in the event log, except for its start and stop messages in the System section.
To remedy this situation, I have disabled the service so that it does not interfere with the normal operation of the server, but I am left with a question.
How can I find an existing, or enable and customize if none exists, more detailed log of this service, to understand why it is stressing the server so much, and what happens during times of high system load.


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Are you using Windows Insider build?
Have you installed all updates for Windows?

No, I'm using Windows Server 2016 with all available updates & Terminal Services

Does it happen when you run special service or program?
Have you checked the Event Viewer?
There might be a relevant error there.