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Hey Guys, 


I just setup a new Windows Domain with 2 domain controllers. (Running windows server 2019). the Sysvol was not replicating to the other domain controllers. - I have fixed that now. but as part of my "fixing" i also installed the DFSR service. 


My question is on a new domain setup am i required to install and use DFSR (no config changes) in order to get the Sysvol to replicate? I cant quite seem to find an answer. 





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The two prerequisites to introducing the first 2019 or 2022 domain controller are that domain functional level needs to be 2008 or higher and older sysvol FRS replication needs to have been migrated to DFSR


I'd use dcdiag / repadmin tools to verify health `correcting all errors found` before starting `any` operations. Then stand up the new 2019 or 2022, patch it fully, license it, join existing domain, add active directory domain services, promote it also making it a GC (recommended), transfer FSMO roles over (optional), transfer pdc emulator role (optional), use dcdiag / repadmin tools to again verify health, when all is good you can decommission / demote old one.     



Ok. So in my case it would be true. This was a new domain and new domain controllers. I am surprise that DCPromo didnt install the DFS replication service. On the initial install.

You couldn't add after-the-fact. Sounds like you may need to remove the 2019, do the FRS->DFSR migration, then add the new domain controller.     





No if I did that then there would be no domain at all. The domain started out on Windows Server 2019 (vdc1 and vdc2). Also I just installed the DFS Replication Service itself after i realized the SYSVOL service folder wasn't replicating. 

Ok, sounds good then, no you didn't need to add the DFS role unless you plan to create some DFS namespaces.   



@Robert Bollinger just checking if there's any progress or updates? please don't forget to close up the thread here by marking helpful replies.    


Sysvol will be configured while you define the database and Sysvol path through AD role preparation stage and by default it will be managed through dfs replication console