Win10 Windows Defender wrong blocking .exe as trojan

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We created a .exe which is downloaded from a web site and even if it is well signed Windows Defender is blocking it as a virus / trojan. This .exe is just a new version of a software which lives in our web site for several years ago. 


How can i contact MS support to check that it is not a threat and  whitelist it?


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What is the name of the malware?

You may try Submit a file for malware analysis - Microsoft Security Intelligence and make sure select this file is safe and under comment, add details.

Hello @Reza_Ameri-Archived ,


Thanks very much for your answer.


The name of the software is "t2ws.exe".

In fact I already uploaded it to MS Security Intelligence, but their answer was:


"Analyst comments:

The submitted files do not meet our criteria for detection. No detection will be added for these files."


It is detected as a Trojan:MSIL/Masslogger.VN!MTB


But this is a software which is in placed on our web site for years, this is just a new version and our users are ok with it. It is a wrong Trojan detection by MS.


How could I progress on that?




Try update Windows Defender and run scan again and see whether it is still being detected?

If yes, try contact Microsoft Support.

@Reza_Ameri-Archived Thanks for your reply!


In fact after the update it is the same scenario: Windows defender blocks it as a troyan


What do you mean by Microsoft Support? There are many... it's difficult to contact the right team



You could contact Microsoft Support using Contact Us - Microsoft Support and share your issue so supper agent could direct you to the right team.