Win 10 - printers and scanners

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Hi folks,


i'm wondering how i can change the printers name, which is shown in this dialogue:

In our companys network there are several printers which are listed here, too.

But: The shown names are not ideal, because they are always like "HP XY123-DN series", no meaningful names like the printers location. 

We manage our printers on an Windows Server 2019 print server.



Any ideas are highly appreciated.

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One last try to kindly ask you if anyone knows a solution for this scenario. :)
Go to Control Panel, click Devices and Printers. Right click the printer and choose Printer Properties. You can change the name from there.
At the client side this is a known workaround but my approach should rename the printers at the server-side, so that the clients are presented with the correct names.
The printer name in the printer properties is already okay, but when the client tries to fetch the available printers, the names are like "HP XYZ series" and not with the naming syntax we've choosen.