Hard Drive still has EFI system partition from old install

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I installed windows 10 on an SSD and the hard drive still has an EPS on it. Can it safely be deleted?



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Hello @ianclark,


From screenshot I can also see you've Windows installed to Disk 1. Do you have legacy boot enabled? If yes, then you can go ahead and delete EFI partition, which is on another disk and has no data.



Hello @Kapil Arya

This is kind-of old thread but no the EFI partition should not just be deleted.

It is listed as the "system" partition which means it has the boot files on it.

In NT based operating systems "System" partition contain the boot files.

"boot" Partition is the partition that contains the Windows folder.

If you delete the system partition you would have to repair the machine in order to be able to boot back into Windows.