Winre wont show windows partition

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I have some difficulties with windows recovery environnent. The laptop is a Lenovo T470 with nvme.

I can boot on the recovery partition without a problem but then, I cannot see the partition where Windows is installed. I can only see the mini windows partition.

Diskpart only show me disk 0 without any partition.

Do you think it's a problem with nvme driver not correctly loadedin the winre.wim ?




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Hello @davymorel,


Can you tell us why you want to boot into recovery environment?


WinRE is to repair common causes of unbootable operating systems. 


Are you facing any issues related to boot on your system?



@Kapil Arya 


It's a bit more complicated... We have a Windows 7 (yes still, but should migrate to w10 soon) deployed with an MDT image. This image comes with a recovery partition which allow us to access the hdd of the laptop even if the OS is dead. In this recovery partition we have a small explorer which is Q-DIR which allow us to explore the local hdd.

This was working fine with our old batch of laptop with sata hard drive. Since we have new laptop with nvme, I cannot make the winre able to see the partition. I have injected the usb3 and nvme driver into the winre.wim but it didn't solve the issue.