Skilling snack: Do more with Microsoft Graph
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Microsoft Graph is said to be the gateway to data and intelligence in Microsoft 365. You can also manage Windows updates with its unified programmability model, with the same wealth of data you use to build apps. In the next two hours, explore the capabilities of Microsoft Graph API in different Windows update scenarios. Let's dig in!

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Use the Microsoft Graph API

Learn about ways to use MS Graph, particularly by calling a REST API and HTTP methods. Review versions of MS Graph, the resource to interact with, query parameters, and tools for interacting with MS Graph.

(7 mins)

OData + REST + API + HTTP + CRUD + Graph Explorer + Postman


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Windows updates API overview

Improve your control over content delivered by Windows Update to managed devices. Approve, schedule, and safeguard it with the help of Windows Update for Business deployment service. Learn what you need and how to manage feature updates, quality updates, and drivers and firmware, among other capabilities.

(5 mins)

WUfB + Deployment Service + AAD + HAADJ + Gradual Rollout + Expedite + Safeguard Holds


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Try Windows Update for Business with Microsoft Graph

Try MS Graph to manage device workflows in the Windows Update for Business deployment service. Follow instructions in 8 different scenarios to access the deployment service directly through the MS Graph API endpoint. Walk through MS Graph Explorer and PowerShell SDK to see all the capabilities and view a demo that integrates the capabilities into a custom app.

(8 mins)

WUfB + Deployment Service + Graph Explorer + PowerShell + OData + URI + AAD + Authentication + Admin Role



Manage Windows updates for cloud-connected devices by using the Microsoft Graph PowerShell SDK

Take this 1600-XP learning module to learn how to manage updates for your cloud-connected Windows devices. Learn how to enroll and unenroll devices, discover updates, deploy updates, schedule updates, and expedite updates when necessary.

(39 mins)

MS Graph + PowerShell + SDK + WUfB + Deployment Service + Feature Updates + Security Updates + Catalog + MDM


watch icon.pngWATCH

Create a feature update deployment using the Microsoft Teams chat bot

Did you know you can leverage the Microsoft Graph API to build a Windows Update for Business chat bot in Teams? In this demo you'll see how a simple chat bot can tell you all the Windows versions currently in support, prompt you to create a feature update deployment for a specific version of Windows, and more!

(2 mins)

WUfB + Deployment Service + Teams + Bot + Feature Updates + AAD + Gradual Rollout + Catalog



Developer's guide to Microsoft Graph

Interested in building apps with Microsoft Graph? Brush up on the what, why, and how of Microsoft Graph. Walk through the API, Graph Explorer, permissions, events, testing, and accompanying demos. Bookmark additional recommended resources.

(21 mins)

Apps+ M365 + Cloud + AAD + Identity + API + MS Graph Explorer + OData + Java + JavaScript + CSharp


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Intune devices and apps API overview

Use the Microsoft Intune API with Microsoft Graph to manage devices, apps, and even configure Intune while using your preferred tools. Watch an embedded video to learn more about this integration, common scenarios, and using Graph Explorer and PowerShell.

(12 mins)

Intune + ISV + Policies + Access Control + Remote + Apps + Deployment + Automation + Compliance + PowerShell



Configuration as Code in Microsoft Intune

For a more advanced application, watch how to use MS Graph with Azure DevOps to automate common tasks. Walk through common scenarios using configuration as code to maintain Intune configuration across different tenants.

(29 mins)

Intune + ADO + MS Graph + M365 + Management + Delivery + Automation + REST + API + HTTP + JSON + PowerShell + Architecture + Graph Explorer

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