WSA - Windows Subsystem for Android

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Hi Windows Folks,


I'm testing WSA now for a while and I've installed bunches off Apps. Some for-testing purpose, some for-data viewing and so on. I freaking love the new WSA. :)

But here comes my struggle. If I install an App and weeks later, I will run it again, I have probably forgotten the name.


Then I'm going to look for it in "All Apps" BUT we have no differentiation about Windows-Apps,

Linux-Apps (WSL) or in the near future, WSA-Apps in the start menu.


My Idea would be, separate register cards for each of them under the start menu. If I could browse only through these separate apps, I would found the right one much faster.


What do you think about it? Or what kind of android apps would you use in front of your Computer instead with your mobile phone?

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You may providing this back to Feedback Hub app for Microsoft in order to apply it on feature version.