windows subsystem for android - WSA

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wsa worked on my VPS with full windows 11 requestment(wsa not working without any Error)

but it not work on my PC

my PC and my VPS information are same but it work on my vps but didnt work on my pc
my windows information is:

*windows 11 Enterprise Beta insider 22000.282
WSA installed
*Amazon store(Placeholder app) installed
USA IP Address
my problem:

1.when i enable developer mode in wsa and click on "Manage developer settings" i will see a windows that containt this string: "Starting Windows Subsystem for Android'TM..."
but developer settings will not open for me without any error on my pc
but in my vps have no any problem





2.when start "windows subsystem for android" and i connecting to
connection will success but i have this messages:

message 1:
adb devices
List of devices attached offline

message 2:
adb install ma.apk
Performing Push Install
adb: error: failed to get feature set: device offline



why it not work on my PC?

i was changed my windows for 5 times

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If it stops working on that screen, it’s probably a graphics card driver incompatibility.
You can try the onboard Intel graphics if you have them or alternatively, create a Windows 11 VM in hyper-V, install WSA and use it there.
A different graphics driver is used in the VM environment.

@Richwood yes this is because of motherboard and bioos and graphics card





I tried to disconnect it and connected it again, now it works



no was not usefull


i was tested it not worked


i changed to my laptop screen before action, maybe it happened depends on different graphic card.  @foxhacker 

@Irikra1655 This actually worked for me. I typed in the same commands in the same order and it worked. Cheers.