Windows11 Please restore drag-and-dropping function of the address bar in explorer

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As this post says, after a system update, the windows11‘s explorer cannot directly through the address bar to cut and copy the file conveniently. Does Microsoft have any plans to restore this feature in a future update? Or is there another way to restore this functionality? Getting rid of this feature is a huge decrease in my productivity.

By the way, I think it would be perfect if we could further implement drag-and-drop copying of the tabs.


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Thanks for sharing!

Is this a Insider Build?

Man, this is terrible! I've just updated Windows and I lost the ability to drag files on the address bar...
Whoever came up with this idea and the ones who approved it should be fired in my opinion, with windows 11 they are destroying things that have been there for decades...
I really hope they'll bring this back as they did with task manager with right click on the taskbar...

@Ares9323 I'm having the same issue! According to the Microsoft community, the "fix" is to restart Explorer through the task manager. That's not a "FIX". A "FIX" would be: "user clicks on the start menu icon, and it works as it should have in the first place".



At this point, this OS is a joke, and a really bad one, I could accept this if it was free but I paid a license and I use it to work, when you install it, it's already bloated and I waste a lot of time uninstalling **bleep** apps and removing unwanted features (Widgets, MS Teams, etc.)

I tried uninstalling the last updates from Windows update, I restarted the PC 6 times but the old UI is not coming back, at this point I guess I have to live with this or just go back to Windows 10 :upside_down_face:

@o-cosmico I was able to bring the feature back using ViVeTool, it's a shame that we need to use third party tools to restore BASIC OS functionalities...

The comment I used was (Reboot Required): 

vivetool /disable /id:40950262


If you need more details you can look at this Reddit Post

EXACTLY my sentiments! I even have PRO Windows 11, which I SPECIFICALLY upgrade to for the alleged improved network functionality. BS-That feature ALSO doesn't work! If I can't get back enough functionality THAT I PAID FOR, I'm switching to Apple. I'm so over this!!!

It's absolutely idiotic yes. No pros, just cons.

Makes reordering files within a order structure of 2 folders extremely tedious. I hope they clean up with their decision makers there at microsoft.

I literally cannot believe they changed this behavior AND the taskbar drag to switch apps. I cannot even phantom who approved this, or WHY?! or that there are only 8 replies! The lack of these features CRIPPLE my productivity! At least make it an option! I would fire those responsible ON THE SPOT! HORRIBLE!