Windows Insider Build 26080 - No Copilot

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Hi All,


I'm currently running Windows Insider Build 26080 in the DEV Channel. I thought it should be possible to enable Copilot on this devices.


I'm unable to get it running. Is this because of the roll out way from Microsoft or am I missing something?

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Not all computers have this feature, gradual rollout:

Announcing Windows 11 Insider Preview Build 26080 (Canary and Dev Channels) | Windows Insider Blog

"  We are now rolling out these Copilot in Windows improvements to more Windows Insiders in the Canary Channel (which first began rolling out on 2/20) and beginning to roll these improvements out to Windows Insiders in the Dev. "

@A1: I have seen this posted but mentioned here is These Copilot features. From my opinion they are not referring to Copilot itself.


I would like to get Copilot itself enabled and not those specific features;

@A1 Is this an update to the current version or a completely new installation and all data, apps etc. are deleted?


You can download via the update section - it's definitely just an update ( no changes to file settings etc.)

Downloading the ISO already requires manual configuration during installation ( you can then update in place ) or 

if you tick - leave NOTHING it will be a clean install of Windows.



I have downloaded the ISO file and copied it to a USB stick. When booting, it says that this is a new installation and all files will be deleted.

Of course I did not carry out the installation because of this message.



Here's how to do it:

Using ISOs - Windows Insider Program | Microsoft Learn

Installation with a USB stick - this is always a clean installation of Windows.



I start the setup file but nothing happens


It looks like Microsoft has released an ISO, just for a clean install of Windows, it's very annoying.

@A1 So the update does me no good even if it is only for a new installation... and I have to continue to live with the system crashes.
26058.1000 cannot be installed either and freezes during the upgrade

Hi Guys,

Sorry that is completely of topic. @A1 do you maybe have other insights?



Already checked all these options. But my understanding was that it should be available by default especially on the insiders build.


Or do they still block it in some locations? Even updating the registry it gets disabled on a reboot 

nope does not work, and how is that related?


Can't log in?

What is the error message?

Service - Syncs, too, your Microsoft account properly with Copilot.

Are you logged in and have a profile on Edge? 



@A1 yes everything works.


also have copilot in edge

Is there any one with an idea?