MSPaint canvas becomes 0 when opening an empty bitmap image

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I can't phrase this better. But you can reproduce this problem by:


  1. Create an empty bitmap image file by right clicking in a folder (such as desktop)
  2. Open with mspaint
  3. MSPaint will report "Encountered an invalid argument"
  4. Hit "ok" to acknowledge the error. MSPaint will proceed to launch.
  5. Canvas size will be set to 0.

    On closer inspection it doesn't seem to be actually zero, but whatever the value is cause the canvas to not exist.

You can just fix this by saying "new" under the file menu, which will set a default canvas size.


HOWEVER, this (bugged) behavior does not exist on Windows 10. On Windows 10, mspaint will just default to the default canvas size when you open such a "blank" bitmap image.


And this is uh ... Windows 11 Version 22H2 Build 22621.2715.


While this *is* an older release version, I'm decently confident that this problem still exists, given its moderate "obscurity".

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@Xavier194152 I have the same issue on Windows 11 Home Edition 23H2.  On two Dell XPS 15 laptops.  Mine and my wife’s.  I took mine and did a clean Windows 11 install and same problem.  

@Michael_Anderson it’s the new version of Paint. The instant I let the Microsoft store update Paint, it got the error. The older version installed as part of Windows 11 23H2 was fine. New version of Paint caused the error and problem. 

Thank you for sharing.
I advise you to file a bug report in the Feedback Hub app.
You also have Problem Step Recorder which you could record the problem and share it there.
Hello. Yes, I did file bug report on feedback hub. A couple of weeks ago. Seems stuck on looking into it status. It is very simple to reproduce. I gave specific version numbers of the 22H2 Paint version that worked and the latest one which doesn’t. All you need to do to see the problem is update Paint from the one installed with Windows 11.
Correct, however this is something that Windows team need to investigate and fix it and probably release it in future updates.
So does the problem lie with paint or Windows? I actually had MS log on to my pc to see where the issue lies, and guess what? MS reply was I don't know.

@GoldynChylde in my case, I had the original Paint version from 23H2.  All I had to do to break it was update paint. Before the paint update, I had all windows updates already installed. I have another computer with the same problem as well as other test virtual machines. When you right click and get to edit the newly created bitmap icon, after you clear the error about improper argument encountered, paint appears with no canvas and it says it is open with untitled.png where I was testing to open a bitmap. So not even the right file name.