[Windows 11] Taskbar Previews don't appear with an animation

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OS: Windows 11 22000.71


Steps to reproduce:

1.) Start an application (e.g. Edge)

2.) Move the mouse cursor over the Taskbar icon, so that its (Thumbnail-) Preview appears


Actual: There is no animation when the preview appears. They appear very prompt like a tooltip.


Expected: There should be the good known smooth from the bottom up animation.



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There should also be the good known animation, when you move the mouse cursor between two taskbar icons and switch between their previews.


I had the same problem. I discovered that was because I had moved the taskbar to the top then I move it to the bottom again and the problem was solved. However, this problem did not exist in Windows 10.

I just had this problem, the animation still shows, but it goes off the screen,i also set the taskbar on the top and i discover this because i use a second monitor in vertical, so the animation is showed in the second monitor that i use above my laptop.
Thumbnails are missing because Microsoft removed the ribbon move. Which is a big mistake, because a lot of people use it that way. So far I have not found a way to show them in the top position. Send feedback to Microsoft, we hope they hear us and return the change of position. Or support my: https://aka.ms/AAdyr8i
same here, may i know how u solve?