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Jun 05 2024, 07:30 AM - 11:30 AM (PDT)
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[Windows 11] Taskbar Previews don't appear with an animation

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OS: Windows 11 22000.71


Steps to reproduce:

1.) Start an application (e.g. Edge)

2.) Move the mouse cursor over the Taskbar icon, so that its (Thumbnail-) Preview appears


Actual: There is no animation when the preview appears. They appear very prompt like a tooltip.


Expected: There should be the good known smooth from the bottom up animation.



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There should also be the good known animation, when you move the mouse cursor between two taskbar icons and switch between their previews.


I had the same problem. I discovered that was because I had moved the taskbar to the top then I move it to the bottom again and the problem was solved. However, this problem did not exist in Windows 10.

I just had this problem, the animation still shows, but it goes off the screen,i also set the taskbar on the top and i discover this because i use a second monitor in vertical, so the animation is showed in the second monitor that i use above my laptop.
Thumbnails are missing because Microsoft removed the ribbon move. Which is a big mistake, because a lot of people use it that way. So far I have not found a way to show them in the top position. Send feedback to Microsoft, we hope they hear us and return the change of position. Or support my:
same here, may i know how u solve?

@memo80 2 years and sadly this feature is still broken. The only way I 've found to bring back the animation is via Explorerpatcher, a tool which basically pulls up the Windows 10 taskbar buried deep inside Windows 11, along with the good old preview animations.

With the tool's primary target being to "make Windows 11 look like 10", the outcome certainly does not meet our need for a smooth "Windows 11" experience. However, if Microsoft is not stepping in to fix the Taskbar preview flyout animation, this would remain to be the only way.

@memo80 Iam facing that same problem but then i have a solution simply just click ctrl+shift+windows+b