Windows 11 install error

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Hey, I'm facing an error 0x80073701 while installing the windows 11 cumulative update ( kb5005191 ). I faced the same error while installing the previous cumulative update but no fixesScreenshot 2021-08-29 141616.png

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I've tried this already 1000's of times
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You can try to install through ISO. Right now the ISO is at .132 (as of 08/29/2021). From there see if you can upgrade up to the current build. Pick what version you want whether it be Beta or Dev. Keep in mind Dev is soon to go into bleeding edge builds so might be unstable at times and you won't be able to get back to Beta as some point soon. Here is the ISO's:

Hey, I am also getting this error. Have you fixed this problem???

Are you using Dev or Beta Channel?
This is a bug, in this menu , you will see a Give feedback option, open it and report this issue.
Try run command prompt as administrator and then type the following command:

sfc /scannow

If he's in DEV, he should consider jumping back to Beta soon if he wants. Dev is about to go back into unstable builds of bleeding edge testing like it did with Windows 10. Testing things that may or may not appear in the final version that could cause Windows 11 to be unstable. Once this happens and you're locked into Dev you can't get out without clean install. So it's now or never with going back to Beta. Here's the email I got (click to enlarge to better read):


Screenshot 2021-08-29 194804.jpg

Okay buddy this worked actually thank you very much.
if anyone is facing the same issue I recommend you to update via ISO file and I think this is the only working solution for this bug